New Dual Seal Grinder Pump Series Offers Added Layer of Pump Protection

10/24/2016 12:00:00 AM

Franklin Electric’s new FPS IGPDS Dual Seal Grinder Pump Series delivers increased pump security and performance ideal for commercial and high-end residential low pressure sewage applications.

Double the Protection: It utilizes two mechanical seals, coupled with sensor probe and seal leak detection circuitry in the panel, to provide added pump protection that can extend the overall pump life. If water enters the oil chamber, a light in the control panel will illuminate and indicate that the first seal requires replacement. The second seal continues to protect theFranklin Electric FPS Dual Seal Grinder Pump Series (1) pump so that it can maintain full functionality until the first seal can be changed. Upon the replacement of the first seal, the pump can be put back in service at peak performance levels.

Other Features and Benefits:

  • Multiple pumps can operate on nominal voltages ranging from 208 V and 230 V in one configuration (single-phase and 3-phase)
  • In addition, multiple models available in 460 V and 575 V 3-phase options for applications where higher voltage is required
  • Patented cutter system at 414,000 cuts per minute
  • Shut-off head of 130 feet
  • Employs a powerful 2 hp single-phase, 3,450 rpm with capacitor start/run motor with built-in overload protection to prevent over-current and over-temperature damage
  • Higher starting torque that allows for mid grinds
  • Higher and larger motor shaft also reduces deflection

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