Now Available: Enhanced FPS PowerSewer System

1/15/2018 12:00:00 AM

Franklin Electric is pleased to officially announce the launch of the redesigned and enhanced FPS PowerSewer® System as a more flexible, service friendly, and efficient system for Franklin Electric Powersewer System Cutawayresidential and commercial applications. This low-pressure sewer system pumps wastewater to a collection or treatment area, making it a proven alternative to gravity sewer systems and septic tanks.

Features & Benefits

  • Internal C-Channel assembly releases from the top of the unit, simplifying accessibility to and maintenance of its components. 
  • Updated tank design provides for easy access and replacement of all other internal components.
  • Spring-loaded float tree is easily removable.
  • An isolated pump support can accommodate heavier pumps for expanded applications.
  • Compatible with the entire line of Franklin Electric FPS 2 hp grinder pumps, including the new FPS IGPDS Dual Seal Grinder Pump Series, and any single-phase, three-phase, manual, or automatic version of Franklin Electric’s high head grinder pumps. 
  • Increased wall thickness results in a more robust and durable basin. 
  • Available in 60-, 72-, 84-, and 96-inch basin sizes.

The FPS PowerSewer System is shipped complete from the factory, further simplifying installation. The system can be installed almost anywhere a home can be built, regardless of topography or soil type. Low-pressure sewage systems can eliminate expensive lift stations and the deep trenching of gravity systems, plus they do not require the utilization of costly onsite drainage fields. The watertight collection system minimizes the chance of leaks and water intrusion, making it safer, cleaner, and healthier for the community. The FPS PowerSewer System from Franklin Electric is ideal for those applications where traditional gravity sewer systems are not always practical and sometimes impossible.

For more information on the FPS PowerSewer System, click here.