2018 WWETT: Save Up To 70 Percent To See The Industry’s Latest Innovations

2/12/2018 12:00:00 AM

Franklin Electric will yet again display multiple pumping innovations at the 2018 WWETT 260X400 V2Show, in Booth 2271, February 22-24.

Discounted Rate Details
As a valued exhibitor, Franklin Electric can offer two specific discounts through the show. Hurry, and you can save 50 percent on the Full Education Package (new price is $85) and 70 percent on an Expo Pass (new price is $15). Here’s how:

  • Click http://nvyt.es/12fb88b3 
  • Then register either through a social channel or via “Traditional Registration”
  • Enter your registration information
  • A promo code (XNV230) will automatically populate in the “Do you have a Promotional Code?” section
  • Continue with registration to get the abovementioned discounts

Show-Floor Innovations
WWETT is the largest annual U.S. trade show for the wastewater industry, so once you make it through the doors, you’ll have visual access to some of the most innovative and proven products available today. We’re proud to be part of that group. Here are just a couple of the innovations you can learn about in our booth:

  • Enhanced FPS PowerSewer® System – A flexible, service friendly, and efficient system for residential and commercial applications. The basin’s internal C-Channel Franklin Electric Powersewer System Cutaway (1)assembly releases from the top of the unit, simplifying accessibility to and maintenance of its components. The updated tank design provides for easy access and replacement of all other internal components. The float tree is spring loaded and easily removable, with a lift handle to simplify pump removal. It features an isolated pump support that accommodates heavier pumps for expanded applications, and it is compatible with the entire line of Franklin Electric FPS 2 hp grinder pumps. 
  • FPS IGPDS Dual Seal Grinder Pump Series – Delivers increased pump security and performance ideal for commercial and high-end residential applications. It utilizes two mechanical seals, coupled with sensor probe and seal leak detection circuitry in the panel, to provide added pump protection that can extend the overall pump life. If water enters the oil chamber, a light in the control panel will illuminate and indicate that the first seal requires replacement. The second seal continues to protect the pump so that it can maintain full functionality until the first seal can be changed. Upon the replacement of the first seal, the pump can be put back in service at peak performance levels.

For more info on the 2018 WWETT Show, click here.