Now Available: Inline 1100 SpecPAK Pressure Boosting System

3/23/2018 12:00:00 AM

The Inline 1100 SpecPAK™ Pressure Boosting System provides a simplified way to select a packaged system for boosting water pressure in applications requiring more than one pump. The system connects easily to nearly any plumbing configuration, so instead of choosingInline 1100 Specpak 3 Stage Pallet System individual components within the system, contractors simply determine how much water is required to be boosted to the desired constant pressure output. The system comes properly packaged and ready for installation virtually anywhere with a product footprint small enough to be hung in a small utility closet.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to expand the quantity of pumps after the initial installation should a building expansion or a water usage increase arise in the future
  • Quiet, all-in-one constant water pressure system contains the pump, motor, and drive for easy and versatile system integration
  • All stainless components for corrosion resistance and uncompromised water quality
  • Electrical design with multiple fuses to prevent surge damage to control electronics
  • Manifold and pump circuit piping sized to accommodate a full range of flows with minimal losses from hydraulic friction
  • Grooved plumbing connections reduce setup time and minimize external stress transfers between piping connections
  • Full port ball valves used to reduce pressure loss through fittings and maintain smooth, consistent water velocities through the system

For more information about the Inline 1100 SpecPAK, click here.