2019 WWETT: Come See The Industry’s Latest Innovations

2/7/2019 12:00:00 AM

Franklin Electric will display multiple pumping innovations at the 2019 WWETT Show in Booth 1435, February 21-23. WWETT (Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport) is the largest annual U.S. trade show for wastewater and environmental service professionals, so once you’re through the doors, you’ll have visual access to some of the most innovative and proven products available today. Here are some of the featured Franklin Electric Powersewer System Cutawayinnovations that will be in our booth.

  • Enhanced FPS PowerSewer® System – A flexible, service friendly, and efficient system for residential and commercial applications. The basin’s internal C-Channel assembly releases from the top of the unit, simplifying accessibility to and maintenance of its components. The updated tank design provides for easy access and replacement of all other internal components. The float tree is spring loaded and easily removable, with a lift handle to simplify pump removal. It features an isolated pump support that accommodates heavier pumps for expanded applications, and it is compatible with the entire line of Franklin Electric FPS 2 hp grinder pumps.
  • FPS IGPH Series – This series of high head grinder pumps is engineered for the tough demands of higher head conditions found in many low pressure sewage transfer applications. Available in an automatic or manual version, the FPS IGPH Series of high head grinder pumps utilize a proven and patented cutter system with tight clearances for superior grinding at 414,000 cuts per minute. These new units incorporate two non-clogging impeller stages for efficient pumping of sewage slurries with a shut-off head of 200 feet. With only 16 full-load amps at minimum head requirements of 100 feet, these units can replace other grinders that fail to meet current application needs.
  • New Pioneer Pump® Vortex Series™ Pumps – They eliminate costly and disruptive downtime by passing through the most challenging solids using a recessed impeller, making them ideal for applications where fluid conditioning, macerating, or mix-prevention are unnecessary. Vortex technology saves time and money by eliminating internal wetted parts, like wear plates and chopper blades, that would otherwise have to be monitored, adjusted, and replaced.

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