Why Permanent Alignment Is Important in Electric-Driven Pump Packages

6/8/2022 12:00:00 AM

Pioneer ElectricPAK

Pump packages that are used for dewatering and bypass purposes often take a beating, from operation to transportation to a jobsite in the first place. At a time when labor costs are on the rise and raw materials are scare, durability and low maintenance operation have never been more important. Just as important is ensuring the pumps and motors operate at optimum efficiency. These factors have raised concerns over pump vibration and the resulting problems it can cause. 

As featured in Pumps & Systems magazine article Why Permanent Alignment Is Important in Electric-Driven Pump Packages, learn how a rigid motor stool design permanently aligns the pump and motor, offering cost and time savings from Franklin Electric Global Product Management Director RJ Gates, Business Development Manger Toby Wilson and Marketing Strategist Melissa Wright.