Pump System Optimization: How to Future-Proof Your Pumping System

8/2/2022 12:00:00 AM

Know the importance of preparing systems for scalability before needs arise.

Inline1100 SpecPAK System SizesWhen a residential property, commercial business or municipality decides to upgrade or replace their current pumping system – the questions they face are numerous. Can it adjust as needs change? What can be done to future-proof it for a variety of possibilities? And is scalability important to consider? Engineers and other system design professionals are often tasked with answering questions like these and play a major role in evaluating whether an expansion-ready system is right for each project.

This recent Pumps & Systems article helps professionals navigate many of the questions related to scalability, including when it’s important to consider and what can be done to optimize a system for future expansion. It also provides several scenarios where scalability not only enhanced a system’s long-term viability but also contributed to significant energy cost savings.