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Submersible Motor Designs: How Their Difference Impacts Pumping Operations

4/25/2022 12:00:00 AM

No pumping system is complete without the right motor. It not only drives the pump, but it must also safely and reliably take the static and dynamic loads from the hydraulic stresses of the entire system. Submersible Motor Group Photo

No matter how many motors water professionals have selected and serviced over the course of their career, every pumping job is different – and every application requires different considerations in terms of overall efficiency, reliability, and robustness. This is often where submersible motors stand apart, delivering benefits for pump operators in charge of potable water and irrigation systems, construction sites, mine dewatering among other applications.

As featured in Groundwater Canada's article: "Submersible Motor Designs - How their difference impacts pumping operations" learn what components are part of a submersible motor design and how their difference impacts pumping operations. From electrical to stator design options and other components in between, Global Product Manager, Jeff Frank, reflects on the performance and operational benefits that a variety of options deliver.

Weather the Weather: Are your pumping systems prepared for the next extreme weather event?

4/25/2022 12:00:00 AM

Pioneer Diesel Package Application PondWhatever the weather – from heavy spring rains to winter snow accumulations – pumping systems must continue to operate to deliver water and remove wastewater and stormwater runoff. Electrical lines can go down and communication systems might be interrupted, yet water systems must continue to perform for homeowners, communities and businesses. This has never been more evident than in today’s unpredictable weather environment.

What can pump installers, owners and operators do to mitigate downtime or disruptions caused by weather events, changing water levels and more? The solution often comes down to preparations that start long before a pump is installed and extend to having the right backups and maintenance plan in place for whatever occurs over the life of the system. With some critical upfront planning, pump operators in the residential, commercial and municipal sectors can minimize the effects of the most common weather crisis: heavy water runoff due to excessive rain or snowmelt.

As featureed in Water and Waste Digest's Article "Weather the Weather" learn actions you need to take to ensure your pump is prepped and ready for the next serious weather event as detialed by Franklin Electric pump experts Tom Miller and Jeff Wilder.

Streamlining HVAC Control Systems: Can integrated cooling panels cover all specs – and will they work for your next project?

4/8/2022 12:00:00 AM

Integrated Cooling Tower Control Panel Installation

In the world of HVAC installs in commercial buildings, multi-device control configurations are often the norm when it comes to cooling and airflow. While they provide the comfort and functionality a building’s occupants need, they are often far from ideal when it comes to installation, maintenance and overall finished aesthetic.

If this situation sounds familiar, an integrated cooling tower panel could provide a smarter solution. These units, which consist of a drive + pump starter + basin heater starter + a temperature controller in built-to-spec configurations, can accommodate high horsepower systems. They serve as a single-point power control panel that drives the entire tower regardless of the complexity. They combine what is typically handled by multiple control devices all within a single, standard panel. Learn more about these units and the benefits they offer in this Engineered Systems article by Franklin Electric Senior Product Manager Ryan Lauw and Project Sales Engineer Cody Lorenz. 

Smarter, Connected Pumps Offer Path to Meeting Sustainability Goals

4/7/2022 12:00:00 AM

The industry has continued to take steps toward pump system optimization through efficient product and system designs. This trend benefits the user in terms of energy cost savings, ease of installation, and streamlined maintenance.

FE PMM Well Replacement 15

“When the pump-motor assembly and VFD are designed and built together, they work together more effectively,” he explains. “Maximum efficiency is engineered into the entire system. This benefits the user in terms of energy cost savings, ease of installation and streamlined maintenance.”

As featured in Plumbing & Mechanical Engineer magazine’s article “Smarter, connected pumps offer a path to meeting sustainability goals”, Global Product Manager, Jeff Frank, contributes to the expert discussion and reflects on the role that High Efficiency Systems play among trends and new technologies.

Inline 1100 SpecPAK Receives Innovation Award at AHR Expo

3/23/2022 12:00:00 AM

Innovation -awards -logo _pinkIn February, the AHR Expo once again recognized the work of industry innovators across a variety of HVACR categories. In the plumbing category, Franklin Electric’s Inline 1100 SpecPAK™ Pressure Boosting System earned top honors, with a design the committee recognized for its compact footprint, quiet operation and overall performance. The award committee also noted how the system delivers a “plug and play” solution that is easy to expand – a key benefit for HVACR professionals. Learn how Franklin Electric’s approach to innovation led to the development of the Inline 1100 SpecPAK in this video

The Innovation Awards are presented annually during the AHR Expo. Candidates in the plumbing category included any product or tool used to conserve water, or to direct, distribute, increase or decrease the flow of water. All nominated product is judged on the merits of its overall approach to innovation and how this innovation fulfills a need within the industry. A product’s overall value proposition and market impact are also considered. Read more about the Innovation Awards and Inline 1100 SpecPAK’s recognition here.

Should You Repair or Replace Aging Sewer & Septic Systems?

3/14/2022 12:00:00 AM

Community needs, infrastructure life span and viability of exisiting systems must be considered. Pumps & Systems March 22 Cover

There is a question that communities of all ages often face: when a wastewater pumping system requires constant repair or is showing its age, is it better to repair it or replace it? Often the answer lies in many factors, including weighing the needs of the users, the life span of the infrastructure and the viability of the existing sewage or septic systems. Can a repair help the system continue to meet the growing demands of businesses and residents and truly solve the underlying problem? What environmental factors make replacing all or part of the system a better choice? Finally, how does the bottom line factor in? A major capital expenditure may be in order and that requires time, planning and resources to make happen.

As featured in Pumps & Systems Magazine's article Should You Repair or Replace Aging Sewer & Septic Sysetms?, learn more about the factors you should consider when making this decision from two of our experts Jessie Hinther & Kyle Johnson.

Troubleshooting Vertical Turbine Pumps

2/28/2022 12:00:00 AM

Sometimes the answer to the problem is easier than you think.

When an issue arises with a vertical turbine pump in a water well, contractors often have their own troubleshooting method.

FVT Series Installation Web 1

Some take a shotgun approach—attempting to resolve the issue through trial and error. Unfortunately, this can lead to unnecessary work, as well as wasted time and money.When a well owner states that their system is not meeting their requirements, this should be the start of a question-and-answer session that covers issues addressed on the surface without pulling the pump.

A more careful approach often gets the job done. This consists of asking questions, surveying the water well/pumping system, and performing and analyzing a pumping test. The result will set the project up for a cost-effective and efficient resolution.

As featured on the Water Well Journal's article Troubleshooting Vertical Turbine Pumps, get expert advice from our very own Gregory Hebert.

Selecting the Right Submersible Motor for Your Pumping System

1/10/2022 12:00:00 AM

When water professionals are in the market for a submersible motor to drive their pumping system, many factors are often considered. From initial selection criteria to installation needs, from usage parameters to installation factors — the list can help drive the decision.

Maintenance and system life may be considerations down the road, yet a little upfront planning on what to install and how to install it can help avoid potential issues and costly downtime for years to come.  

These motors feature a variety of engineering considerations that set them apart from their surface-mounted counterparts. As featured on Plumbing Engineer article "Selecting the Right Submersible Motor for Your Pumping System", our very own Jeff Frank, Franklin Electric's Global Product Manager reviews how submersible motors operate and what users should consider selecting the best motor for their application needs. Discover how a submersible system works and compare designs

PE0122 Fig1 Franklin Submersible Motor Installation Rightnew

Powering Systems at Peak Efficiency With Permanent Magnet Technology

12/6/2021 12:00:00 AM

Get the streamlined solution needed for pumping power at maximum efficiency: MagForce High Efficiency Systems are engineered for high performance, simple startup and incredible long-term cost savings.

MagForce High Efficiency Motor SystemOwners and operators benefit from electrical cost savings as a result of a 90% efficiency rating in the motor for an investment payback of less than two years in most long- or continuous-run applications*.

Each system is powered with a MagForce permanent magnet motor that operates at a fraction of the energy consumption when compared to traditional induction systems. Plus, the system is now paired with an innovative Franklin Electric engineered drive for intuitive startup and reliable protection for submersible pumping application. *Results based on field trial data.

Here's what you need to know about MagForce High Efficiency Systems:

  • Groundbreaking Efficiency: Powered by a MagForce High Efficiency Motor with a 90% efficiency rating that is 10-12 points (21%) greater than standard induction motor construction. Typical duty rate systems can have a payback* of 1 to 2 years. *Field trial data.
  • Simplified Inventory Management: Three motor sizes cover pump horsepower ranging from 7.5 to 60. Fewer SKUs simplify your inventory.
  • Slash Electricity Consumption: Since the motor has rare earth magnets, there is less electrical energy loss, which translates into greater power output per dollar spent on power input. This saves operational costs every time the motor is run; the more it is used, the more can be saved.
  • Smaller Footprint: Lighter and easier to handle than standard induction motors and, like all submersible motor systems, provides a smaller above ground footprint when compared to other high-efficiency solutions.
  • Built Together to Work Together: All components come from a single source for the ultimate in operational compatibility and optimized operation.
  • Intuitive Startup: Each system is controlled by a Franklin Electric variable frequency drive with application-specific firmware that pre-programs settings for quick, easy startups and reliable protection for any project.
  • Fully Supported: Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers.

If you have any questions concerning these products, please contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative or Technical Support at 1-800-348-2420.

Franklin Electric Announces Business Unit Directors for Its Water Systems Sales Teams

12/1/2021 12:00:00 AM

Travis Bradley Franklin Electric Industrial Engineered Sytems Business Unit Sales DirectorFranklin Electric Co., Inc. is pleased to announce personnel moves and additions within its Water Systems Sales team: Travis Bradley has been promoted to  Business Unit Director of Industrial and Engineered Systems. Filling his previous position, Andrew Schwarze has joined the organization as Business Unit Director of Groundwater Distributors. Both gentlemen will be responsible for directing Franklin Electric's product development, sales, and support efforts throughout the United States and Canada. 

Bradley has been a vital member of the Franklin Electric team for the past two years. Before joining Franklin Electric, he worked for 16 years in various sales and marketing roles throughout the groundwater and industrial water industry, including managing territories across the Western United States and a vast representation of pumping solutions. Schwarze also brings over 16 years of water systems experience to his new position covering product solutions that fulfill application needs ranging from industrial to commercial HVAC to plumbing markets. Both will report to Ryan Johnson, Franklin Electric's Vice President, Water Systems for the Americas.

"Serving the needs of water industry professionals is a critical focus for everyone at Franklin Electric, and these moves within our sales team will help strengthen the service and support we provide to our distributors and end-users," said Johnson. "Both Bradley and Schwarze are proven leaders within the industry and understand the culture of commitment that Franklin Electric strives to bring to every customer interaction."