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Franklin Electric's Vertical Lineshaft Turbine Pump Delivers a Fast Solution to a Major Issue

10/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

When Cross Creek Golf Club in Decatur, Indiana began experiencing irrigation issues, they assumed a recent lightning storm was the culprit. While lightning did knock out one of their motors, the course discovered a bigger issue: one of their inline turbine pumps was broken beyond repair.

Irrigation is serious business at Cross Creek, especially in the middle of one of the hottest and driest summers on record. A non-working system, as Brandon Razo, Superintendent at Cross Creek Golf Club, explained it, can quickly add up to hard and brittle playing surfaces and disappointed customers – not to mention the resulting costs in lost revenue and greens repairs. Fixing the equipment – without experiencing extended lead times – was essential to keep the golf course playable.

Cross Creek Golf Course worked with North American Pump Company to spec and install Franklin Electric’s Vertical Lineshaft Turbine Pump. Not only was the pump able to be on-site for the customer within days, it was also the right one for the job. With 27 holes across the 140-acre course, Cross Creek requires strong pumping power, and the turbine pump delivered. Razo noticed immediately how efficiently the vertical line shaft was, delivering consistent pressure across all irrigation heads. He could also run the entire sprinkler program overnight for more effective irrigation that also eliminated any daytime inconvenience for golfers.

To learn more about the pumping power of Franklin Electric’s Vertical Lineshaft Turbine and other products that can handle the toughest applications, visit or download our latest brochure here.

World-Class Pressure Boosting for State-of-the-Art Buildings

10/2/2020 12:00:00 AM

Inline _1100_Spec PAK_Case _Study _FB

Espresso, anyone? Adding employee-centric amenities - like a full-scale beverage station - to a workplace often means adding water pressure. Learn how Franklin Electric's Inline 1100 SpecPAK™ gave a tentat in New York's World Trade Center a turnkey solution: one that's compact, quiet, cost-effective and scalable.

Read our latest case study by clicking here

New Case Study: IGP Series Grinder Pumps

9/8/2020 12:00:00 AM

IGP Series Case Study Social Graphic

Emergency repairs and maintenance costs add up quickly when it comes to unclogging sewer systems. Check out our latest case study which details a cost-effective and reliable upgrade made to an outdated and underperforming sewer pump station system with our IGP Series Grinder Pumps.

Read and download the case study by clicking here

Unlocking Your Pump's Potential in Mining Applications

9/8/2020 12:00:00 AM

Pumpsand Systems _Mining _Image

In the mining industry, pump efficiency and reliability are essential for profitable operations. With so many application needs – including general dewatering, slurry and tailings removal, source and process water, truck washing, and dust suppression – how can you maximize your pumps’ performance? While most of the mining industry relies on diesel-driven pump packages, portable electric-driven pumps are emerging as another popular choice – one that offers application versatility, as well as performance and return on investment (ROI) benefits compared to diesel. 

Read our recent article in Pumps & Systems Magazine to learn the differences between electric and disel-driven pump packages  - and how to use each to optimize performance in mining applications. 

Streamline Sales Efforts with FE SELECT’s New Quotation Management

9/3/2020 12:00:00 AM

Water is a tough business - we get that. Streamline your sales efforts with FE Select's new quotation management, so you can focus on what matters most. Starting September 8, 2020, you can expect the following enhancements to your user experience:

  • Start your experience on the enhanced dashboard to manage new or existing work
  • Find refined sizing results based on product categories
  • Create and save quotations or projects using your FE account*
  • Keep track of your opportunities all in one place

FE Select (U.S.A.)

FE Select (Canada)

Note: FE Select will undergo maintenance for these updates on Monday, September 7, 2020. During this time you may experience delays or interruptions.

*If you haven’t created a single sign-on account for FE applications, learn more and follow the easy steps to get you started here.

FE-Select -New _500x 312

Find refined sizing results based on product categories


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Fe -select -customer -demo -cover -art _250x 141Tune in to for this 30-minute demo session, Thursday, September 10, as Franklin Electric Senior Market Development Manager, Ryan Short, walks you through the new features.

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Keep an eye out for new features and services that will continue to take shape in Franklin Electric’s online platforms. Additional product lines will also be uploaded to the new FE Select app regularly so we can help you find solutions for multiple applications. We have many exciting, useful, educational, and time-saving upgrades on the way!

New Territory Manager: Aaron Jackson

8/17/2020 12:00:00 AM

Franklin Electric proudly introduces Aaron Jackson as Territory Manager for the south central region of North America.

Aaron’s responsibilities will include the development of sales and distribution coverage for all of Franklin Electric’s product lines in the industrial and wastewater markets of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  Aaron has extensive experience in the pump industry working with pump manufactures to establish and grow sales through distribution and direct outlets.

Prior to joining Franklin Electric, Aaron served in various sales, applications, and management roles with Xylem – Flygt Pumps, Pierce Pump, Hugh Cunningham Inc., and most recently as Regional Sales Manager for Ebara Pump.

You can contact Aaron at (469) 307-0076 or

New Case Study: Diesel-Driven Skid Packages

7/30/2020 12:00:00 AM

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 At 11.18.43 AM

Sanitary sewage overflows during high precipitation events cause environmental concerns and health risks, in addition to being costly and difficult to clean up.

Read our latest case study to learn how our Pioneer Pump® Diesel-Driven Skid Packages provided a reliable, cost-effective solution for a retirement community that was having infiltration and inflow issues with their sewage collection system.

Read and download the case study by clicking here

New Territory Manger: Mike Retter

6/8/2020 12:00:00 AM

Franklin Electric proudly introduces Mike Retter as Territory Manager for the southeast region of North America.

Mike’s responsibilities will be the development of sales and distribution for all of Franklin Electric’s product lines in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Mike has extensive experience in the pump industry working with pump manufacturers in various sales and management roles with Gorman Rupp Pump Company and ITT Corp / Xylem / Flygt and most recently as Regional Sales Manager for Environment One Corporation.

You can contact Mike at (830) 230-7649 or

Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers: Ready When You Are

5/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers now support the construction of 6-11" FST Series Submersible Turbines and 6-15" FVT Vertical Lineshaft Turbines, a cost-effective, high-flow option for your irrigation, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. 

Certified Franklin Electric Build Centers are a select group of distribution partners trained to help meet the demanding pumping challenges of contractors in these applications. A comprehensive training program equips distributors with the expertise to be a solution provider that can build customized pumps specific to the contractor’s performance requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround – Flexibility to design and build to specific order requirements within the same day
  • Built For The Job – Submersible pumps designed and built for specific job requirements
  • Sizing Software – Utilize the Franklin Electric web-based tools for simplified sizing, quoting, and product identification
  • Pricing Leveraging Capability – Custom Build Centers allow for better inventory management for specific needs resulting in a better cost solution
  • Fully Supported – Comes fully supported by the industry’s leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers
  • Program Flexibility – Partner with the distributor with the potential to offer Build Center capability for both stainless steel and cast iron products

To find your local Certified Franklin Electric Build Center, or for more information, contact your local Franklin Electric Sales Representative

Essential Business During COVID-19: When Safe & Reliable Products Are Critical

5/4/2020 12:00:00 AM


The global pandemic has inevitably changed the daily routines of individuals and regular operations of businesses worldwide. Companies have realigned their manufacturing processes and distribution networks to provide support to frontline workers of the coronavirus outbreak. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have implemented new procedures that are crucial for slowing the rapid spread of this fatal virus. 

While essential businesses continue to run, it is important now more than ever that these organizations deliver products and services that are safe and reliable; doing their part to help tread through this public health crisis. So, what does it look like to deliver safe and reliable products during a global pandemic for the HVAC industry?

On Friday, March 20th, David John, P.E. received a call from a local Florida hospital needing assistance with setting up an isolation area dedicated to diagnosing and treating COVID-19 patients. David is the Engineering Manager at Stan Weaver & Company, an exclusive manufacturer’s representative of Franklin Electric HVAC drives in central Florida. The hospital needed three Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) with bypass to be installed with the new HVAC fans for the area.

Q-link _N1_Right

Due to the unusual circumstances proposed by COVID-19 in a hospital environment, there were two critical success factors of this project – securing the VFDs promptly and limiting the number of individuals on site for the installation. These factors were important so the hospital could get the new wing up and running as quickly as possible, while also minimizing the exposure of individuals to a potentially harmful environment.

Keeping this in mind, David supplied the hospital with three Franklin Electric Q-Link VFDs and recommended a digital training to prepare the hospital staff and contractors for the installation. Shortly after, Franklin Electric’s Field Service Engineer, Chad Haugen, facilitated a webinar that covered setting up the VFDs, including how to use the Q-Link mobile app that connects your smartphone via Bluetooth® technology to the Q-Link VFD and provides guided start-up and operation information. 

After the webinar, the contractors were comfortable with the material covered and confident that they could install and program the drives without any additional on-site support. David attributes this to the combination of Franklin Electric’s service and a user-friendly product.

“Because of the technical support provided, I did not have to be on site for the installation of the VFDs. This is a testimony to Franklin Electric drives being easy to set up and preventing additional people from going to a hospital that has coronavirus patients.”

Chad continued to provide support over the phone to the contractors, as needed, to program the drives and ensure they were running successfully. He also shared additional features of the Q-Link mobile app with the contractors that would save time spent on site for the installation.

Q-Link _Covid _NewsWithin the app, custom drive configurations can be saved as templates and applied to additional units when commissioning multiple drives. After setup is complete, remote monitoring and control make the Q-Link an easier, safer drive to maintain. Commissioning reports can be easily generated, signed and emailed through the app, vastly improving and shortening the reporting process. Remote operation also enhances safety by minimizing the need to physically interact with the drive while you are within connectivity range (approximately 15-20 ft).

The isolation area for COVID-19 patients was up and running 10 days after David received the initial call from the hospital. Overall, the contractors and hospital team were very satisfied with the Q-Link VFDs and have purchased additional units to use for other projects.

While the isolation area at this hospital is complete, there is still more work to be done at other hospitals. David continues to see demand for similar projects developing isolation areas and converting patient rooms to isolation rooms. He is confident that supplying Franklin Electric VFDs for these projects will provide a safe and reliable experience for everyone during these unusual times.