45VR Series

45VR Series

VR Series Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps are available in options from 1 up to 95 m3/h with all 316 stainless steel hydraulics for superior durability, efficiency, and performance. A small footprint, premium motor, and rugged components ensure long operating life to provide a water pumping solution in nearly any tough application.

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    • Rugged NEMA motor mounting with oversized thrust bearing ensures long operating life in the toughest of jobs and enables the use of stock motors (high thrust motors not required) which are available in a wide variety of ratings and enclosures
    • Silicon carbide/graphite/EPDM/SS mechanical seal for superior sealing is standard; five optional seal types available
    • Removable stainless steel seal plate with jack screw taps provided for ease of service
    • In-line suction and discharge connections with round ANSI flanges fit widest range of applications and provide for convenient, compact installation with a small footprint; optional oval flange and grooved connections are available
    • NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 Certified


    • Water Supply and Pressure Boosting
    • Pressure boosting in buildings, hotels, residences
    • Booster stations
    • Pump packages
    • Water Treatment
    • Filtration systems
    • Reverse osmosis systems
    • Light Industry
    • Commercial washers
    • Firefighting system pumps
    • Car wash systems
    • Irrigation and Agriculture
    • Drip irrigation
    • Sprinkler irrigation
    • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
    • Cooling towers
    • Temperature control
    • Refrigeration
    • Heating systems
    • Boiler feed
    • Water recirculation
  • 45VR: 2-Pole

    ModelNo. Stages2-Pole Motor Rating
    PowerNEMA Frame Size
    45VR011A, 0017.55.5213-5TC
    45VR022A, 1A, 0021511254-6TC
    45VR032A, 1A32015254-6TC
    45VR042A, 1A43022284-6TSC
    45VR052A, 1A, 0054030324-6TSC
    45VR061A, 0065037.5324-6TSC
    45VR072A, 71A75037.5324-6TSC
    • Basic Model: 45VR
    • PEICL: 0.95

    45VRL: 4-Pole

    ModelNo. Stages4-Pole Motor Rating
    PowerNEMA Frame Size
    45VRL021A, 00221.5143/5TC
    45VRL032A, 1A, 00332.2182/4TC
    45VRL042A, 1A, 00453.7182/4TC
    45VRL052A, 1A, 00553.7182/4TC
    45VRL062A, 1A, 0067.55.5213-5TC
    45VRL072A, 1A, 0077.55.5213-5TC
    45VRL082A, 1A, 0087.55.5213-5TC
    45VRL092A, 1A, 009107.5213-5TC
    45VRL102A, 1A, 0010107.5213-5TC
    45VRL111A, 00111511254-6TC
    45VRL122A, 1A, 00121511254-6TC
    45VRL132A, 1A, 00131511254-6TC
    • Basic Model: 45VRL
    • PEICL: 0.96