MagForce High Efficiency Motor System

MagForce High Efficiency Motor System


The MagForce High Efficiency Motor System is a high-performance alternative to a traditional induction motor and control, providing electrical cost savings via a 90 percent motor efficiency rating that is 10-12 percent higher than previous submersible motor designs. The system offers a typical investment payback of less than two years in long- or continuous-run applications* at a 100 percent duty cycle. Permanent magnet technology allows three distinct models to cover pump horsepower ratings from 7.5 to 60 – maximizing contractor flexibility.

*Results based on field trial data.

Order Info
  • Basic Features

    • Full 3600 rpm
    • Maximum temperature winding wire NEMA class 200
    • Anti-track, self-healing resin system
    • Hermetically-sealed windings
    • Double-flange design
    • Over-molded lead for cable resilience
    • Stainless steel shell
    • Kingsbury-type, water lubricated, thrust bearing
    • Pressure-equalizing diaphragm
    • Sand slinger
    • 3-lead configurations for 3-phase power

    Special Features

    • Sand Fighter® models are equipped with Franklin’s robust Sand Fighter sealing system for durability against sand or other abrasives
    • 316 Stainless Steel: Special construction option for acid, low pH, and seawater applications**
    • System includes optimized drive with:System includes optimized drive with:
    • Compatible drive software
    • Sinewave filter
    • 3R enclosure
    • **Please contact factory for pricing and availability
  • 6-Inch MagForce Permanent Magnet Motor System

    DescriptionHPVoltsHzS.F.S.F. Max AmpsMotor LeadKit No.Motor No.Drive No.Model Description
    Sand Fighter7.5-154601201.1522.5DOL (3)3056129012360809566E27715590115 hp MagForce Motor and Drive System
    20-30463056129022360849566E27715590230 hp MagForce Motor and Drive System
    40-60803056129032360862166E27715590360 hp MagForce Motor and Drive System