Standard Pump Soft Starter

Standard Pump Soft Starter

3Ø, 50/60 Hz, 200~600 VAC, 2~75 HP
Integrated electronic overload
Wide-range voltage acceptance (200~600 VAC)
HP Rated Contactor Bypass

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  • Electronic motor protection and automation I/O

    • Wide-range, class 10 electronic overload
    • Current phase unbalance protection
    • Locked rotor / stall protection
    • Cycle fault protection
    • Accepts 200-600 VAC directly, true plug and play
    • Voltage auto-run input
    • Dry contact auto-run input
    • Status relay output
    • Hand/Off/Auto keypad with LEDs for mode, fault and run indication

    Soft starter features

    • Across-the-line start for emergency situations
    • Adjustable current limit, start/stop voltage, and
    • SCR over-temperature detection
    • Shorted SCR detection

    Soft Starter Features

    • UL 489 circuit breaker provides branch and short circuit protection
    • Service Entrance rated
    • No fuses required – saves time and money
    • Lockable handle for safety

    Industrial grade construction

    • Door mounted HOA keypad
    • Housed in an outdoor rated, gasketed, NEMA 3R enclosure
    • NEMA rated bypass contactor features 2.5 million electrical cycles at full rated current
  • With Service Entrance Circuit Breaker Disconnect

    Part Number200 V - 460 V
    Amp Range
    600 V
    Amp Range
    3-Phase Max. Amps / HP
    200 V230 V460 V600 V
    • 3 Phase, 50/60Hz, 200~600VAC, NEMA Type 3R Enclosed Soft Starter
    • *HP rating is based on standard NEMA B, 4-pole motor design as represented in NEC table 430.150 full-load current, 3-phase alternating current motors.

    Factory Installable Options

    Part NumberDescription
    SPSRV-SRG-240VSurge Supressor 240VAC
    SPSRV-SRG-480VSurge Supressor 480VAC
    SPSRV-SRG-600VSurge Supressor 600VAC
    SPSRV-CAM-KEYKeyed Enclosure Latch
    SPSRV-CAM-PADPadlockable Enclosure Latch
    SPSRV-RLY-120VACInterposing Run Relay - 120V
    SPSRV-RLY-24VAC-DCInterposing RunRelay - 24V
    • Factory Installable Options apply to configured-to-order models only and are subject to variable lead times. Consult your Franklin Electric Representative.


    Standard Pump Soft StarterStarter TypeDimensionsMounting
    HeightWidthDepthHardware SizeSpacing (Height x Width)
    SPSRV3D-3A015with Service Entrance Circuit Breaker Disconnect2215105/1617 & 5/8 x 12 & 3/4
    SPSRV3G-3A100with Service Entrance Circuit Breaker Disconnect3215105/1627 & 5/8 x 12 & 3/4
    • *All measurements shown in inches
  • Soft Starter Type
    Soft Starter with HP Rated Bypass Contactor with Service Entrance Rated Circuit Breaker Disconnect
    NEMA Type 3R Enclosed - Rain Tight
    User Interface
    Setting AdjustmentsInternal dial for motor FLA/SFA setting
    ControlDoor mounted Hand/Off/Auto keypad with LED mode, run, and fault indication
    InputsDry Contact Auto-Run InputD1/D2 Terminal, Normally Open Dry Contact, when closed, the motor will start when in auto mode
    Voltage Auto-Run InputV1/V2 Terminal, Applying 12-250VAC/DC will start the motor when in auto mode
    OutputStatus Relay OutputO1/O2 Terminal, Normally Open Relay - Rated for 12-240V
    Contactor PowerSupplied power to the contactorC+/C- Terminal, For Use with Franklin Electric Contactors Only
    Ambient Operating Temp -5 °F to 140 °F (-20 °C to 60 °C)
    Ambient Storage Temp -5 °F to 185 °F (-20 °C to 85 °C)
    Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
    Overload Operational Specifications
    Overload TypeElectronic I2T trip curve
    Overload Trip Class10
    Overload Setting RangeDiffers per model
    Cycle FaultTrips if the contactor cycle rate exceeds 20 starts/minute
    Current Phase UnbalanceTrips if the measured current phase unbalance is greater than 50%
    Locked Rotor/StallTrips within 0.5 seconds if the measured current exceeds 300% of the max amps setting
    Shorted SCRTrips if a shorted SCR is detected or if there is no motor
    Open SCRTrips if no current is measured during start-up or bypass
    SCR Over-TemperatureTrips if the SCR temperature reaches 125oC
    Across-the-Line StartOn/Off, adjustable, allows the user to start the motor across-the-line, Default = Off
    Power Fail ModeReturn to last mode (Hand/Off/Auto)
    Fault ResetManual or Automatic, adjustable, Default = Manual
    Starts6/hour, 20 seconds max. start time @ 400% FLA, 30 seconds max. start time @ 300% FLA
    Agency ApprovalsUL/cUL, CSA, CE