SubMonitor Connect

SubMonitor Connect

3Ø, 50/60 HZ, 200~600 VAC, 1~700 HP

The newly designed SubMonitor Connect features the innovative FE Connect App that provides three-phase motor protection with the enhanced capabilities of real-time performance monitoring to improve troubleshooting. Also enjoy a simple plug-and-play design that provides protection against arc flash, universal power supply, and a NEMA 4X rated display. You can’t always predict overload, dry run, dirty power conditions or other electrical mishaps, but you can be protected from them.

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  • Electronic overload motor protection

    • Adjustable, class 5-30 electronic overload
    • Underload (dry-run protection), for time-based automatic restart with well recovery mode
    • Over/under voltage
    • Current phase unbalance
    • Cycle fault
    • Reverse phase
    • Easy access to input and output terminals
    • 32-character, backlit, NEMA 4x, wash-down rated screen, visible from the front of the panel
    • Motor insulation check

    Real-time and date-stamped fault logging

    • Pre-programmed real time clock with a 10-year battery backup
    • Contains separate fault, configuration change, and start logs
    • Records up to 150 faults

    Application based setup

    • Precise protection programming
    • Nine-step setup wizard
    • Preset protection parameters available for submersible, surface, or custom usages
  • Description Part No.
    SubMonitor Connect - Standard, 1-135A 5860015010
    SubMonitor Connect - Premium, 1-135A*5860005110
    • *Display door mounting kit and surge suppressor included.


    Description Part No.
    SubMonitor Connect Remote Display Assembly 5860015150
    Door Mounting Kit 5860015160
    External CTs, 120-270A 5860015170
    External CTs, 200-400A5860015180
    External CTs, 400-1000A 5860015190
  • Starter Type
    Standard or combination (service rated for use as a service disconnect)
    NEMA Type 3R Enclosed Outdoor Rated
    User Interface
    Settings Adjustments32 character, backlit NEMA 4X display.
    FE Connect Mobile App connected via Bluetooth
    Hand/Off/AutoDoor mounted 3-position switch
    Standard Control Operations
    InputRS-485Modbus RTU slave
    PT100/1000On/Off, adjustable: 0-100 C, 212 F
    OutputFault RelayNormally Open Relay Contact. 1Aa @ 240VAC
    OperationalOverlaod TypesElectronic, Simulated I²T trip curve
    Power Fail ModesRestart in last mode (Hand/Off/Auto)
    Restart in off mode
    On/Off Time DelayOn/Off, adjustable: 1-60 seconds
    Backspin DelayOn/Off, adjustable: 2 seconds - 60 minutes
    Fault ResetAdjustable: manual or automatic (default differs per motor protection feature)
    Starts6/hour, 20 seconds max start time @ 400% FLA, 30 seconds max start time @ 300% FLA
    Ambient Operating Temp-5 °F to 140 °F (-20 °C to 60 °C)
    Ambient Storage Temp-5 °F to 185 °F (-20 °C to 85 °C)
    Relative Humidity5% to 95% non-condensing
    Motor/Soft Starter ProtectionAdjustment/DescriptionDefault Setting
    Overload Current Setting RangeDiffers per modelPer SFA
    Overload Trip ClassAdjustable: 5-3010
    Overload Service FactorAdjustable: 1.00-2.001.15
    Under Power (Dry Run)On/Off/Alarm, adjustable: 1-99% of nominalOn / 65%
    Over PowerOn/Off/Alarm, adjustable: 101-200% of nominalOn / 125%
    Under VoltageOn/Off/Alarm, adjustable: 80-99% of nominalOn / 90 %
    Over VoltageOn/Off/Alarm, adjustable: 101-125% of nominalOn / 110 %
    Voltage Phase LossAlways onOn / Trips if below 60VAC
    Ground Fault (UL 1053 Certified)On/Off/Alarm, adjustable: 1-10 AmpsOn / 1A
    Cycle FaultOn/Off, Start Limit adjustable: 2-100On
    Warm Start ProvisionOn/Off, delays motor restart based on calcualted motor tempOn
    SMARTSTART™ ProtectionAdjustment/DescriptionDefault Setting
    Current Phase UnbalanceOn/Off, adjustable: 1-50%On / 5%
    Locked Rotor/StallOn/Off, trips if current exceeds 300% max amps for 0.5sOn
    Out of CalibrationOn/Off, trips after 10 seconds if max amps setting is incorrectOff
    Max Time to StartOn/Off, regardless of max amps or I²T trip curve,
    always trip at start if starting current is outside of an
    acceptabke range and still decreasing after 10 seconds