SubMonitor Starter

SubMonitor Starter

3Ø, 50/60 Hz, 200~600 VAC, 2–300 HP

Equipped with the Franklin Electric SubMonitor overload relay, the SMS provides ideal motor protection for Franklin Electric submersible motors.

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  • Electronic Overload Motor Protection

    • Wide range, adjustable, class 5-30 electronic overload
    • Dry pump detection protects your pump and motor from adverse conditions and allows for time-based automatic restart with well recovery mode
    • Industry-leading motor protection for the following conditions:
    • Over/under power (dry-run)
    • Over/under voltage protection
    • Voltage phase loss
    • Voltage
    • Current phase unbalance
    • Locked rotor
    • Cycle fault
    • Ground Fault
    • Easy access to input and output terminals
    • 32-character, backlit, NEMA 4x, wash-down rated screen mounted on front of panel allowing for safe viewing of conditions while motor is running
    • Motor insulation check

    Real-time & Date-stamped Fault Logging

    • Unit ships with a pre-programmed real time clock with a 10-year battery backup
    • Contains separate fault, configuration change, and start logs. Independent logs allow user to see last fault even if it occurred years ago
    • Fault log tracks 150 faults with date and time stamp accurate down to the second:
    • Allows users to diagnose power problems and prove them to your power provider
    • Unit will give users a ‘snapshot’ of conditions at the time of fault, such as line to line voltage and current, alarms present, and I/0 status
    • Format of time stamping example: 7/7/16 10:15:24

    Application-based Setup

    • SubMonitor Connect is an advanced, comprehensive, 3 phase motor protection relay that allows users to dial in protection and automation with extreme accuracy and parameter depth. However, SubMonitor Connect also has a streamlined Basic Setup Wizard to allows user to get up and running quickly
    • 9 simple steps to program unit
    • Users select between Submersible, Surface, or Custom and SubMonitor prepopulates protection parameters accordingly
    • Confirm basic motor info, key protection info, time to get started

    Automation Ready - Advanced Pump Control

    • 12-240 VAC/VDC wet input for remote start/stop
    • Dry contacts for auto run/shutdown or high float/low float
    • Modbus RTU communication
    • Automatic fault reset and on and off delay settings
    • Automatic fault reset and on and off delay settings

    Heavy-duy Industrial-grade Construction

    • Outdoor rated, gasketed, powder coated, NEMA 3R enclosure designed in house by Franklin Electric to optimize layout and functionality
    • UL 489 circuit breaker disconnect for branch and short circuit protection
    • No fuses required saving time and money
    • Lockable handle
  • NEMA 3R, SubMonitor Connect Starter (With Service Entrance Circuit Breaker Disconnect)

    Part Number3-Phase Max. Amps / HP
    200 V230 V460 V600 V
    • 3 Phase, 50/60Hz, 200~600VAC
    • *Standard Models not available in 1-Phase
    • **HP rating is based on standard NEMA B, 4-pole motor design as represented in NEC table 430.150 full-load current, 3-phase alternating current motors.

    SubMonitor Connect

    Description Part No.
    SubMonitor Connect - Standard, 1-135A 5860015010
    SubMonitor Connect - Premium, 1-135A*5860005110

    Factory Installable Options

    Model No.Description
    SMS-SRG-240VSurge Supressor 240VAC
    SMS-SRG-480VSurge Supressor 480VAC
    SMS-SRG-600VSurge Supressor 600VAC
    SMS-STSPStart/Stop Pushbutton Control (in lieu of HOA switch)
    SMS-HOA-STARTStart Pushbutton when HOA in hand
    SMS-RPLRun Pilot Light
    SMS-FPLFault Pilot Light
    SMS-DR-DISPLAYDoor Mounted Keypad
    SMS-1PHWiring for Single Phase Input
    SMS-CAM-KEYKeyed Enclosure Latch
    SMS-CAM-PADPadlockable Enclosure Latch
    SMS-HOA-KEYKeyed HOA Switch
    • Factory Installable Options apply to configured-to-order models only and are subject to variable lead times. Consult your Franklin Electric Representative.
    SubMonitor StarterStarter TypeDimensionsMounting
    HWDHardware SizeSpacing (Height x Width)
    SMS3B-3A015S1with Service Entrance
    Circuit Breaker Disconnect
    2215105/16"17 & 5/8 x 12 & 3/4
    SMS3I-3A200S13215105/16"27 & 5/8 x 12 & 3/4
    SMS3K-3A300S14225153/8"20 & 7/8 x 37 & 3/4
    SMS3L-3A500S16225153/8"30 & 7/8 x 37 & 3/4
    • *All measurements shown in inches.
  • Starter Type
    Full Voltage, Non-Reversing with Service Entrance Rated Circuit Breaker Disconnect
    NEMA Type 3R Enclosed - Rain Tight
    User Interface
    ControlHand-Off-Auto Switch
    Setting AdjustmentsSubMonitor keypad, 32 character, backlit NEMA 4X display
    FE Connect Mobile App (Bluetooth)
    Ambient Operating Temp -5 °F to 140 °F (-20 °C to 60 °C)
    Ambient Storage Temp -5 °F to 185 °F (-20 °C to 85 °C)
    Relative Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
    InputsVoltage Auto-RunApplying 12-250VAC/DC will send a run command to the starter when in Auto Mode.
    Dry Contract Auto-Run / Low FloatNormally Open or Normally Closed, adjustable, Default = Normally Open
    Closing the circuit between the D1 & D terminals will send a run command to the starter when in Auto Mode.
    Can be used with Shutdown/High Float terminal to set up float switch drain or fill operation.
    Dry Contact Shutdown / High FloatNormally Open or Normally Closed, adjustable, Default = Normally Closed
    Opening the circuit between the D2 & D terminals will shut down the starter.
    Can be used with Shutdown/High Float terminal to set up float switch drain or fill operation.
    RS-485Modbus RTU & BACnet MSTP Communication
    PT100/1000PT100/1000 input, On/Off, adjustable, 0-100oC
    OutputFault Relay OutputNormally Open Relay - Rated for 12-240V, closes in a fault condition
    Overload Operational Specifications
    Overload TypeElectronic I2T trip curve
    Overload Trip ClassAdjustable: 5-30, Default = 10
    Overload Setting RangeDiffers per model
    Overload Service FactorAdjustable: 1.00-2.00, Default = 1.15
    Under Power (Dry Run)On/Off/Alarm, adjustable, 1-99% of kW setting, Default = On/65%
    Over PowerOn/Off/Alarm, adjustable, 101-200% of kW setting, Default = On/125%
    Under VoltageOn/Off/Alarm, adjustable, 80-99% of voltage setting, Default = On/90%
    Over VoltageOn/Off/Alarm, adjustable, 101-125% of voltage setting, Default = On/110%
    Voltage Phase LossAlways on
    Ground Fault (UL 1053 Certified)On/Off/Alarm, adjustable, 1-10A, Default = On/1A
    Cycle FaultOn/Off, adjustable start limit, 2-100, default = On
    Warm Start ProvisionOn/Off, delays motor restart based on calculated motor temperature, Default = On
    Current Phase UnbalanceOn/Off, adjustable, 1-50%, Default = On/5%
    Locked Rotor/StallOn/Off, trips if current exceeds 300% of FLA/SFA setting for 0.5 seconds, Default = On
    Out of CalibrationOn/Off, trips after 10 seconds if the calculated FLA/SFA setting is set too high, Default = Off
    Max Time to StartOn/Off, regardless of max amps or I²T trip curve,
    always trip at start if starting current is outside of an acceptable range and still decreasing after 10 seconds. Default = Off
    Power Fail ModesAdjustable, return to last mode (Hand/Off/Auto) or return in Off mode
    On/Off Time DelayOn/Off, adjustable, 1-60 seconds
    Backspin DelayOn/Off, adjustable, 2 seconds - 60 minutes
    Fault ResetManual/Automatic, adjustable (default differs per motor protection feature)
    Agency ApprovalsUL/cUL, CSA