6" SSI Submersible Turbine Pumps

6" SSI Submersible Turbine Pumps

The SSI Series Submersible Pumps meet the demanding pumping challenges in irrigation, agricultural, industrial, and municipal applications. Available in 6-inch, 8-inch, and 10-inch models with flows up to 1300 gpm, this stamped stainless steel pump family is fully serviceable and corrosion resistant. Its I-Blade technology offers stronger internal components for improved efficiency, while tungsten inert gas (TIG) progressive welding creates stronger welds.

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    • High-Volume Solution: Features flows up to 1300 gpm to meet high-volume pumping application demand
    • Simple, Modern Design: Stamped stainless steel pump family is fully serviceable
    • Unique Construction: I-Blade technology, exclusive to Franklin Electric, increases the structural integrity of the pump’s internal components, pumping more water per horsepower and improving efficiency when compared to traditional impeller designs
    • Rugged: Utilizing tungsten inert gas (TIG) progressive welding, the metal materials are mixed during the process, creating a stronger bond for durability in harsh environments
    • Reliable: Integrated check valves eliminate back flow, and round shafts increase durability in abrasive environments
    • Easy Sizing: FE Select allows for simplified sizing, quoting, and product identification
    • Availability: Build Center Program capability allows for speedier delivery time from distributors to contractors


    • Irrigation
    • Agricultural
    • Municipal
    • Commercial
    • De-watering

    SSI Build Center:

    • Turn around product orders in less than 24 hours to meet customer demand
    • Take advantage of cost-effective pricing by leveraging the Franklin Electric global supply chain
    • Get up to speed in hours with our simple, proven training program
    • Partner with the only manufacturer to offer Build Centers for both stainless steel and cast iron products
    • Utilize FE Select for simplified sizing, quoting, and product identification
    • Rely on our industry leading Technical Support professionals and Field Service Engineers for unrivaled support
    • Enjoy our packaging designed to reduce waste and complexity, while improving stocking ease
    • Build all Franklin Electric strapped turbines with a total of just four individual part numbers
  • GPMHPStagesMotor Size (in)Discharge (NPT)Basic ModelPEICL NumberOrder No.Description
    7.574616150701040082 85SSI07F66-0743
    7.576616150702040082 85SSI07F66-0763
    1096616150902040082 85SSI10F66-0963
    15126616151202040082 85SSI15F66-1263
    20186616151802040082 85SSI20F66-1863
    20206616152002040082 85SSI20F66-2063
    25236616152302040082 85SSI25F66-2363
    25256616152502040082 85SSI25F66-2563
    30276616152702040082 85SSI30F66-2763
    1507.5443"150SSI0.93616300401020082 150SSI07F66-0443
    7.546616300402020082 150SSI07F66-0463
    1066616300602020082 150SSI10F66-0663
    1576616300702020082 150SSI15F66-0763
    1586616300802020082 150SSI15F66-0863
    20126616301202020082 150SSI20F66-1263
    25156616301502020082 150SSI25F66-1563
    30176616301702020082 150SSI30F66-1763
    30196616301902020082 150SSI30F66-1963
    40246616302402020082 150SSI40F66-2463
    22515464"225SSI0.88616360402040082 225SSI15F66-0464
    1556616360502040082 225SSI15F66-0564
    2076616360702040082 225SSI20F66-0764
    2086616360802040082 225SSI20F66-0864
    30116616361102040082 225SSI30F66-1164
    40166616361602040082 225SSI40F66-1664
    50186616361802020082 225SSI50F66-1864
    50216616362102020082 225SSI50F66-2164
    26010364"260SSI0.9616420302040082 260SSI10F66-0364
    1546616420402040082 260SSI15F66-0464
    1556616420502040082 260SSI15F66-0564
    2066616420602040082 260SSI20F66-0664
    30106616421002040082 260SSI30F66-1064
    40136616421302040082 260SSI40F66-1364
    50166616421602040082 260SSI50F66-1664
    60196616421902040082 260SSI60F66-1964
    30015464"300SSI0.95616600402020082 300SSI15F66-0464
    2066616600602020082 300SSI20F66-0664
    2576616600702020082 300SSI25F66-0764
    40126616601202020082 300SSI40F66-1264
    50146616601402020082 300SSI50F66-1464
    60176616601702020082 300SSI60F66-1764