6-12" FST Series Submersible Turbine

6-12" FST Series Submersible Turbine

The FST submersible turbine pumps are used in a variety of commercial, municipal & industrial applications where water supply is readily available in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams or water wells. This heavy wall, vitreous enamel lined bowl assembly uses a Francis design impeller constructed of investment cast 304 stainless steel that provides a very broad operating range with very high efficiency. Various options in sizing, design and material construction can be specified to meet application needs.

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  • Performance Specifications:

    • Flows To: 2,200 GPM (500 m³/hr)
    • Heads To: 2500+ Feet (762+ m)
    • Temperatures To: 100ºF (38ºC)
    • Speed Ranges: 3600 RPM
    • Size Range: 6″ (152+ mm) – 12" (305 mm) Bowls


    • Investment cast 304 stainless steel impeller
    • Enclosed impellers with broad band operating range for appropriate service
    • Flanged bowl connections for easy assembly & disassembly
    • Bowls are standard with vitreous enamel, glass lined cast iron.
    • O-ring bowl connection standard
    • Bronze bowl bearings standard with various options available to match your specific application
    • Optional bowl & impeller wear rings in various materials
    • Threaded & flanged discharge case options
    • Threaded or flanged column assemblies
    • Fabricated discharge elbows available in 90º orientation (150#, 300#, 600# & 900# ratings)
    • Unique motor bracket design that has flow path above motor bracket bearing keeping contaminants out of the shaft bore
    • Couples to standard NEMA splined motor

    Available Metallurgies:

    • Cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, Cd4MCu, and more for a wide range of high pressure, corrosive, or abrasive applications