Turf Boss (3 - 5 HP)

Turf Boss (3 - 5 HP)

The Turf Boss excels when used to supply water to a timer operated irrigation system, but the rugged, easily serviced pump can be used in other areas as well. Some of which are residential water transfer, commercial dewatering, rainwater drainage, light agricultural irrigation, sump drainage, and industrial liquid transfer. As a premium self-priming sprinkler pump, the Turf Boss is approved for indoor or outdoor operation through CSA and UL.

Whether it is a sprinkler system, a construction site, or a water transfer tank, when moving high volumes of water the Turf Boss guarantees the right amount of water right on time.

Order Info
    • Volute: Built-in suction check valve facilitates priming and prevents back flow or siphoning
    • Impeller: Combining efficient operation with durable construction to allow for use in a broad range of pumping applications:
    • 3 HP models are offered with Cast Iron (304 Stainless steel coming soon)
    • 5 HP models are offered with 304 stainless steel impellers
    • Seal: Standard carbon/ceramic faces, FKM elastomers, 300 series stainless components
    • Diffuser: Cast iron diffuser is utilized in all models, improving pump efficiency
    • Motor: Standard JM Frame Motors


    • Irrigation
    • Construction
    • Commercial
    • Municipal
    • Light Industrial
    • Residential
    • Water Transfer
  • Pumps

    HPPump SpeedSuction x DischargeMotor EnclosurePhaseVoltsMotor Frame SizeMotor CodeModelOrder No.Weight
    33600 RPM2" x 2"ODP1230182JMJM-1FTB3CI92980030134
    53600 RPM2½" x 2"ODP1230184JMJM-1FTB5CI92980050140

    Pump Ends

    HPSuction x DischargeNEMA Motor Frame Size FitmentModelOrder No.Weight
    32" x 2"143-184JM4.5 AK.875" ShaftFTB3CI-PE9298003360
    52½" x 2"FTB5CI-PE9298005360