3NC Series

3NC Series

The FPS NC Series Non-Clog Pumps are available in single- and three-phase power options to provide a rugged, maintenance-friendly wastewater transfer solution with flows up to 610 gpm. Featuring a field adjustable wear plate and factory standard dual silicon carbide mechanical seals, the NC Series also comes fully supported by an industry-leading team of Technical Support and Service professionals.

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  • Applications

    • Used for a multitude of purposes in commercial and industrial applications such as: sewage, effluent, irrigation, and general dewatering.

    Features & Benefits

    • Simplified On-Site Maintenance: Field adjustable wear plate provides clearance between the impeller and volute for simplified maintenance, minimizing operational downtime while maximizing profit without the need and additional cost of a replaceable wear ring
    • Up To 6 Times Longer Seal Life: Factory standard dual silicon carbide mechanical seals have low thermal expansion and higher abrasion resistance than carbon versus ceramic commonly used for both seals
    • Factory standard exclusion seal provides a first line of defense. If the exclusion seal and first mechanical seal is breached, the Seal Fail probe will send a signal to the control panel providing an alert for service.
    • Premium Heat & Chemical Resistance: Motor enclosure sealing system utilizes Fluroelastomer (FKM) O-Rings to offer added chemical and temperature resistance
    • Corrosion Resistance Comes Standard: All castings are powder coated, while ductile iron casted impellers provide added corrosion resistance and are less brittle when handling rigid debris versus competitive cast iron versions
    • Fully Supported: Comes fully supported by an industry-leading team of Technical Support and Service professionals
    • All 1-Phase Non-Clog Pumps require a specific starter kit from FPS, matched to the pump for proper operation and third-party approval.


    • 3" horizontal flange discharge (125# ANSI flange)
    • Maximum solids size: 2.5"
    • Power cable - 8/4 -type SOOW– 30' & 50'
    • Sensor cable – 16/4 – type SOOW – 30’ & 50'
    • Class F motor insulation
    • Continuous duty motor (104 °F maximum)
    • Lower double row ball bearing
    • 300 series SST motor shaft
    • Seal-fail indication probe
    • 300 series SST fasteners
    • Cast iron motor housing, volute, and seal chamber
    • Fluoroelastomer (FKM) sealing system for motor enclosure
    • Mechanical seals: Dual silicon carbide
    • Additional exclusion seal
    • Agency listing: cCSAus
    • *The 1-Phase Non-Clog Pump requires a specific starter kit from FPS, matched to the pump for proper operation and third-party approval.
  • Single-Phase*

    ItemModelAmpsHPVoltsPhaseRPMHzDischargeSolidsCord LengthWeight (lb)Impeller Diameter
    87109896-003NC-323P1-1842532301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235184
    87109896-013NC-323P1-1842532301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250184
    87109897-003NC-323P1-17222.532301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft240172
    87109897-013NC-323P1-17222.532301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft255172
    87109898-003NC-323P1-1601932301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft240160
    87109898-013NC-323P1-1601932301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft255160
    87110366-003NC-523P1-19028.552301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft240190
    87110366-013NC-523P1-19028.552301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft255190
    87110367-003NC-523P1-1842552301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235184
    87110367-013NC-523P1-1842552301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250184
    87110368-003NC-523P1-17222.552301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft245172
    87110368-013NC-523P1-17222.552301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft260172
    87110369-003NC-523P1-1601952301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft245160
    87110369-013NC-523P1-1601952301 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft260160
    • *Requires item 520851 NC Series Starter Kit or Non-Clog Control Panel


    ItemModelAmpsHPVoltsPhaseRPMHzDischargeSolidsCord LengthWeight (lb)Impeller Diameter
    87109899-003NC-323P3-18416/153200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft240184
    87109899-013NC-323P3-18416/153200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft255184
    87110358-003NC-323P3-17214.5/13.53200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft240172
    87110358-013NC-323P3-17214.5/13.53200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft255172
    87110359-003NC-323P3-16013.5/123200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft240160
    87110359-013NC-323P3-16013.5/123200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft255160
    87110360-003NC-346P3-1847.534603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235184
    87110360-013NC-346P3-1847.534603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250184
    87110361-003NC-346P3-1726.534603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235172
    87110361-013NC-346P3-1726.534603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250172
    87110362-003NC-346P3-160634603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235160
    87110362-013NC-346P3-160634603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250160
    87110363-003NC-357P3-184635753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235184
    87110363-013NC-357P3-184635753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250184
    87110364-003NC-357P3-1725.535753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235172
    87110364-013NC-357P3-1725.535753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250172
    87110365-003NC-357P3-1604.535753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235160
    87110365-013NC-357P3-1604.535753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250160
    87110370-003NC-523P3-19621/18.55200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft245196
    87110370-013NC-523P3-19621/18.55200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft260196
    87110371-003NC-523P3-18416/155200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235184
    87110371-013NC-523P3-18416/155200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250184
    87110372-003NC-523P3-17214.5/13.55200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235172
    87110372-013NC-523P3-17214.5/13.55200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250172
    87110373-003NC-523P3-16013.5/125200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235160
    87110373-013NC-523P3-16013.5/125200/2303 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250160
    87110374-003NC-546P3-1969.554603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft245196
    87110374-013NC-546P3-1969.554603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft260196
    87110375-003NC-546P3-184854603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235184
    87110375-013NC-546P3-184854603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250184
    87110376-003NC-546P3-1726.554603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235172
    87110376-013NC-546P3-1726.554603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250172
    87110377-003NC-546P3-160654603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235160
    87110377-013NC-546P3-160654603 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250160
    87110378-003NC-557P3-1967.555753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft245196
    87110378-013NC-557P3-1967.555753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft260196
    87110379-003NC-557P3-184655753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235184
    87110379-013NC-557P3-184655753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250184
    87110380-003NC-557P3-1725.555753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235172
    87110380-013NC-557P3-1725.555753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250172
    87110381-003NC-557P3-1604.555753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"30 ft235160
    87110381-013NC-557P3-1604.555753 Ph1750603" Flange2.5"50 ft250160
  • Phase / HPABCDEF
    1-PH / 3, 528.5" / 725 mm15.6" / 396 mm6.2" / 157 mm2.56" / 65 mm12.1" / 307 mm6.57" / 167 mm
    3-PH / 3, 526.7" / 678 mm