4NC Series

4NC Series

Franklin Electric’s 4NC Series Non-Clog pumps are designed to handle the absolute most demanding commercial or industrial applications and are backed by Franklin’s long standing reputation for quality.

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  • Applications

    • Used for a multitude of purposes in commercial and industrial applications such as: sewage, effluent, irrigation, and general de-watering.


    • Dual Mechanical Seals: Silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide lower seal and silicon carbide vs. silicon carbide upper seal with additional exclusion seal.
    • Impeller: Ductile iron, two vane semi-open, balanced, non-clogging with pump-out vanes to protect the mechanical seal and assist with thrust loading.
    • Seal Sensor Probe: Integrated into the seal-fail detection chamber, it will send a signal to the pump control panel indicating that a fault has occurred and the pump should be removed for service.
    • Motor: The motor was designed for continuous operation when pump is fully submerged (104 °F maximum) and boasts Class F insulation.
    • Wear Plate: Wear plate is field adjustable, eliminating the need for a replaceable wear ring.


    • 4" horizontal flange discharge (125# ANSI flange)
    • Maximum solids size: 3"
    • Power cable - 8/4 -type SOOW– 30'
    • Sensor cable – 16/4 – type SOOW – 30’
    • Class F motor insulation
    • Continuous duty motor (104 °F maximum)
    • Lower double row ball bearing
    • 300 series SST motor shaft
    • Seal-fail indication probe
    • 300 series SST fasteners
    • Cast iron motor housing, volute, and seal chamber
    • Fluoroelastomer (FKM) sealing system for motor enclosure
    • Mechanical seals: Dual silicon carbide
    • Additional exclusion seal
    • Agency listing: cCSAus
  • ItemModelAmpsHPVoltPhaseRPMHzDischargeSolidsWeight (lb.)
    87109881-004NC-320P314320031750604" Flange3"249
    87109728-004NC-323P314323031750604" Flange3"249
    87109736-004NC-346P36.5346031750604" Flange3"249
    87109748-004NC-357P39.5357531750604" Flange3"249
    87109882-004NC-520P320520031750604" Flange3"253
    87109729-004NC-523P319.5523031750604" Flange3"253
    87109737-004NC-546P310546031750604" Flange3"253
    87109749-004NC-557P39.5557531750604" Flange3"253
    87109883-004NC-7520P3247.520031750604" Flange3"255
    87109730-004NC-7523P3237.523031750604" Flange3"255
    87109738-004NC-7546P311.57.546031750604" Flange3"255
    87109750-004NC-7557P3117.557531750604" Flange3"255
    87109884-004NC-1020P327.51020031750604" Flange3"255
    87109731-004NC-1023P3261023031750604" Flange3"255
    87109739-004NC-1046P3131046031750604" Flange3"255
    87109751-004NC-1057P310.51057531750604" Flange3"255
    5, 7.5, 1028.9"16.4"12.1"